Since she got hooked on whitewater kayaking as a teenager Brenna rapidly … (excuse the pun!) got into instructing. She taught for one of the top kayak schools in the country, Ottawa Kayak School. For 7 years she taught the guests of the resort and also for the popular Outdoor Adventure program that Algonquin College offers. While teaching the College program she decided to become an instructor trainer with Canoe Kayak Canada. She now trains whitewater instructors to the highest level currently offered (Level 3).

Alongside her career in kayaking, Brenna also has a professional title. After only 6 years of freestyle experience Brenna competed and won a spot on the 2012 Canadian National Freestyle team. She has since travelled to New Zealand to compete in the National Extreme Race Series, placing 3rd over all. Having competed in freestyle kayaking and extreme racing, Brenna continues to look for the next challenge. Currently she explores the amazing rivers that Canada has to offer while opening her mind to new opportunities.

Brenna has been instructing for years and what keeps her motivated is her students. She can’t wait to share the adventure, the adrenaline, and the sense of accomplishment that is impossible to avoid when paddling.


  • Coach Developer (Canoe Kayak Canada)
  • SUP Advanced and River Instructor (Paddle Canada)
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Many more!

Abbie Reid

A fitness finatic Abbie has been a coach for years. Her new passion is SUP as it has her using muscles she had not even felt before! Using her experience as a fitness instructor and her certification as a SUP instructor, Abbie has added SUP fitness to our list of programs- I must say, what a fun class! You get too hot- you jump in! Come by and request a lesson with Abbie on the SUP board and she will have you thinking you have been paddling for years!


  • SUP Basic Instructor
  • First Aid
  • Fitness Instructor

Joanne Bragg

The eternal teacher, Joanne has retired from teaching in the class room and picked up teaching on a SUP board! Thank the lord because we couldn’t run our amazing SUP Yoga classes without her! Joanne has been into yoga since the invention of sliced bread. (What? Bread came unsliced before?) Back on track, all I know is you can’t miss out on one of Joanne’s SUP yoga clinics, you will leave feeling fresh and rejuvinated. Not sure if you can do it? Request a lesson with Joanne – she is the eternal teacher afterall!


  • SUP Advanced Instructor
  • Yoga Instructor
  • First Aid